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Serving People from Arrest to Reintegration

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  • 2014 Opiate Legislation Package: Bill Summaries

  • [Dempsey v. DOE] NYC Supreme Court Reverses DOE's Denial of Certification for School Bus Driver Citing the Determination as Arbitrary and Capricious (2012)

  • [People v. Manauri R.] Supreme Court, Bronx County Holds that Drug Eviction Proceedings Not Sufficient Basis to Unseal Records (2004)

  • [Spring Valley Housing Authority v. Lamarre] Sex Offender prohibition Not Retroactive (Spring Valley Justice Court) (2006)

  • [Terrance v. City of Geneva] Federal District Court Rules Municipal Law Restricting Housing for Sex Offenders is Preempted by New York State Law (2011)

  • A Death before Dying: Solitary Confinement on Death Row (ACLU, 2013)

  • A.G. Schneiderman Announces Agreement With Party City To End Discrimination In Hiring Based On Criminal Records (2014)

  • ABA Criminal Justice Standards on Collateral Sanctions and Discretionary Disqualification of Convicted Persons

  • After Prison: Roadblocks to Reentry: A Report on State Legal Barriers Facing People with Criminal Records

  • Application for Certificate of Relief from Disabilities or Good Conduct (Use to apply with New York State Division of Corrections & Community Supervision (DOCCS))

  • BLURRING THE LINES: A Profile of State and Local Police Enforcement of Immigration Law Using the National Crime Information Center Database, 2002-2004

  • Certificate of Relief from Disabilities - Certificate to be Signed by Sentencing Judge (New York State Unified Court System)

  • Certificates That Demonstrate Rehabilitation: Why They Are So Important and How to Get Them (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Certificates That Promote Rehabilitation: Why They Are So Important and How to Get Them (The Bronx Defenders)

  • City Bar Justice Center: Sample Cover Letter to send McNair Hearing Guidelines to Client (NYC Bar)

  • Consequences of Criminal Proceedings in New York State, April 2015 (The Bronx Defenders)

  • CRD Can Be Granted for Violation Conviction: Sample letter to Court Clerk (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Decision and Order to seal violation conviction after client failed to pay imposed fine but was sentenced to and served a jail alternative

  • Defender Toolkit & Padilla Compliance Guide: Using Knowledge of “Enmeshed Penalties” (or Collateral Consequences) to Get Better Results in the Criminal Case (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Deportation 101: A Community Resource on Anti-Deportation Education and Organizing

  • Discharge Planning Services For Inmates Who are Receiving Mental Health Treatment in a New York City Jail (Urban Justice Center, Brad H)

  • Garnes v. Barnhart, C-02-4428 (ND Cal. Nov. 5, 2004)

  • Holistic Is Not a Bad Word: A Criminal Defense Attorney's Guide to Using Invisible Punishments As An Advocacy Strategy

  • Housing Preservation & Development Reverses Decision Terminating Section 8 Based Lifetime Sex Offender Registry Requirements (NYC Housing Preservation & Development) (2010)

  • How To File a Petition for Review (AILF’s Legal Action Center)

  • How to Get Public Housing & Section 8 - Even With a Criminal Record (Legal Action Center)

  • HUD Opinion Letter on Applicability of Section 578 of QHWRA for Current Public Housing Tenants Classified as Sex Offenders (Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2007)

  • HUD Opinion Letter on QHWRA Applicability to a Public Housing Tenant Classified as a Sex Offender in NYS (US HUD-NYS Office) (2007)

  • Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions Checklist (Immigrant Defense Project)

  • Immigration Detention and Removal: A Guide for Detainees and Their Families (Legal Aid Society)

  • Justice Reinvestment: A Toolkit for Local Leaders (Urban Institute 2013)

  • Juvenile Life Without Parole: An Overview (The Sentencing Project 2014)

  • Legal Outline of Authorities and Decisions Related to Criminal Records and Employment (National Employment Law Project) 2006

  • Legislative History of Article 23A and Certificates of Good Conduct of NYS Corrections Law

  • New York Attorney General Settlement Agreement with Radio Shack for Unlawful Discrimination Against Job Applicants with Criminal Records (The Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York)

  • Non-Violent Sex Offense Determinate Sentencing (Center for Community Alternatives)

  • Open Letter from the NuLeadership Policy Group

  • OTDA 97 ADM-23 - State "Fleeing Felon/ Probation/Parole Violation" Policies

  • Padilla Checklist for Judges: Proper Consideration of “Enmeshed Penalties” (or Collateral Consequences) in a Criminal Case (The Bronx Defenders - Updated December 2010)

  • Police Interactions with Individuals in Psychiatric Crisis: A Briefing Prepared for Michael A. Cardozo Corporation Counsel of the City of New York (2002)

  • Post-Release Supervision Terms for All Violent and Non-Violent Felony Sex Offense Convictions (Center for Community Alternatives) (2007)

  • Practical Tips to Avoid Aggravated Felonies (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Proposed Amendment to Criminal Procedure Law § 160.60 To Correct Unforeseen Gaps in Sealing Law Protections

  • Quick Reference Chart for Determining Key Immigration Consequences of Common New York Offenses (Immigrant Defense Project)

  • Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law, Section 711 – sets out basis authorizing landlords to commence eviction proceedings (State of New York)

  • Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law, Section 715 – sets out basis authorizing certain parties other than landlords to commence eviction proceedings (State of New York)

  • Real Property Law, Section 231 – renders void an agreement for occupancy of a premises used for certain illegal activities (State of New York)

  • Sample DCJS Rap Sheets and Rap Sheet Errors (The Bronx Defenders and Legal Action Center)

  • Sample letter re: Expunge or seal report of suspected child abuse (Lansner and Kubitschek, Attorneys at Law)

  • Sample Memo: Does claimant’s failure to disclose her arrest information from a 2000 criminal accusation that was terminated in her favor and subsequently sealed pursuant to CPL 160.50 constituted misconduct and therefore disqualifies her from New York State Unemployment Insurance? (Monroe County Legal Assistance Center)

  • Sample Motion for Conditional Sealing of Certain Drug Offenses Under 2009 Drug Law Reform (Center for Community Alternatives)

  • Sample Rap Sheet Review Summary (Legal Action Center)

  • Sealing Criminal Records: How to Review a Rap Sheet for Errors (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Second Chance Act of 2004: Full text of HR 4676

  • Second Chance Act of 2005: Full text of HR 1704

  • Services & Opportunities Flyer (Queers for Economic Justice)

  • Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act, 2007 (full text)

  • SOMTA - Process for Civil Management in New York Flow Chart (Center for Community Alternatives, 2007)

  • Systemic Barriers to Higher Education: How Colleges Respond to Applicants with Criminal Records in Maryland (2013)

  • The Importance of an Individualized Assessment: Making the Most of Resentencing Under the Amended Crack Cocaine Guidelines (Center for Community Alternatives) (2007)

  • Tips on How to Work with an Immigration Lawyer to Best Protect Your Noncitizen Defendant Client (Immigrant Defense Project, New York State Defenders Association)

  • Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board Decision confirming claimant was separated from employment under non-disqualifying circumsntaces (as a result of a sealed ACD appearing on a background check) (2006)

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