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June 2015 Resource Updates and Highlights

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*Resource Highlights*

New York City Council Passes Fair Chance Act -  Last week, the City Council of New York passed one of the strongest ban-the-box policies across the nation. The bill requires that private and public sector employers delay any inquiry about criminal record history until after a conditional job offer. This will allow employers to evaluate candidates for positions on their qualifications and interviews rather than their rap sheet. This month, the  National Employment Law Project came out with their newest publication, Fair-Chance Implementation Case Studies For Government Agencies. This publication examines the innovative approaches and best practices used to develop and implement fair-chance laws in San Francisco, Seattle, and the District of Columbia. 


Turning on the Tap: How Returning Access to Tuition Assistance for Incarcerated People Improves the Health of New Yorkers -  This new report by the Education from Inside Out Coalition looks at the health impacts of in-prison tuition programs in New York State. It studies in-prison education access from a health impact perspective as opposed to the more common human rights and tax incentive perspective. Some of the many findings include that every $1 million invested in correctional education prevents more than 600 crimes as compared to 350 crimes prevented when that same amount of money is spent on building more prisons. 


Relief in Sight? States Rethink the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction, 2009-2014- For millions of Americans, the legal and life-restricting consequences of a criminal conviction continue even after they have repaid their debt to society as barriers to voting, housing, jobs, education, and a raft of social services limit their ability to provide for their families and successfully reenter society. In recognition of the damaging effects these collateral consequences can have, 41 states have enacted legislation since 2009 that allows certain individuals to move beyond their convictions. This report reviews that legislative activity, discusses the limitations of current approaches, and offers recommendations to states and localities considering similar reforms.



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*Upcoming Events*

6/24The Family Eviction Prevention Supplement (FEPS) and Living in Communities (LINC) program

Hosted by the Community Service Society of New York 
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Community Service Society
105 E 22nd St, Conference Room 4A
New YorkNY

Learn about the State Family Eviction Prevention Supplement (FEPS) for families facing eviction along with the new city FEPS program primarily being used to move families out of shelter who were evicted or who are DV victims. They will also cover the various Living in Communities (LINC) rental assistance programs. Cost of workshop is $50.00. 

7/8The Bronx Defenders Annual Community Block Party

Hosted by the Bronx Defenders
The Bronx Defenders Office
E. 160th Street between Melrose and Courtland


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