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Reentry Resource Center - New York

Serving People from Arrest to Reintegration

This module of Reentry Net/NY was created to support housing attorneys representing tenants in New York City by directing them to useful resources on Reentry Net/NY.

Some resources on Reentry Net/NY are available to members only. Click here to sign up for free membership or click on "Log In" if you're already a member.

The separate New York City Housing Practice Area brings together housing practitioners who regularly and exclusively represent tenants in civil litigation in New York City. The housing practice area helps these tenant advocates do their job more effectively by providing a site for sharing information and legal resources. Visit the Probono.Net Housing Practice Area website.

An excerpt of "Consequences of Criminal Proceedings in New York State," which contains extensive information for attorneys on housing issues related to criminal proceedings.

Past cases and decisions regarding drug holdover proceedings in New York City.

This section contains samples of pleadings and motions defending against eviction based on "Bawdy House" laws. Includes information on a) challenging the role of the district attorney, b) the use of sealed records, c) the knowledge or acquiescence and ongoing illegal activity, d) the nexus between the activity and the subject premises, e) the statute of limitations, and more.

This folder contains information on admissions standards related to criminal records for public housing and section 8 in New York State as well as information about defending terminations from public housing.

Legal memos, case law and more on fair housing and the Right to Reasonable Housing and accommodations for persons with disabilities.

A collection of resources, such as a tenant's guide to housing court and an online housing court form, that may prove useful to clients....

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