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Reentry Resource Center - New York

Serving People from Arrest to Reintegration

This module of Reentry Net/NY was created to direct individuals seeking information about dealing with a criminal record while trying to obtain employment and professional licensing in New York to useful resources on Reentry Net/NY.

Some resources on Reentry Net/NY are available to members only. Click here to sign up for free membership or click on "Log In" if you're already a member.

Certificates of Relief from Disabilities and Good Conduct  

Information about Certificates, manuals, direct links to applications....

Cleaning Up and Correcting Your Rap Sheet  

Information on rap sheets, and how to obtain, clean up, and seal criminal records...

Challenging Employment Discrimination  

Guidance about what to do if an employer has discriminated against you because of your employment record, and how to prevent discrimination before it happens....

Criminal Records and Licensing for Specific Careers  

Information about how your criminal record might affect your ability to be employed in certain professions.

Finding a Job  

Job search guides, helpful manuals and more...

Department of State Licensing Decisions of Interest  

Several state cases involving licensing for various occupations including security guard and real estate

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