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Reentry Resource Center - New York

Serving People from Arrest to Reintegration

The People's Guide section provides basic information about some of the many consequences of criminal charges, arrest, and incarceration in New York State. It describes the legal barriers that can arise for individuals who have been arrested and their families, and provides some help navigating those barriers.

You can find more information, including many of the publications referenced in the sections in the Reentry Net Library and in "Consequences of Criminal Charges" section of LawHelp/NY (

The information you see here is adapted from The Consequences of Criminal Charges: A People's Guide, published by The Bronx Defenders. It is for informational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for legal advice. It is up to date as of August 2013.

Introduction to the Updated People's Guide  

A brief explanation of Reentry and the Consequences of Criminal Proceedings.

Path of a Criminal Case in New York  

Information on what happens when you are arrested, charged, and arraigned.

Immigration & Reentry  

Answers to common questions about the consequences of arrest & criminal charges for non-citizens with information for further assistance.

Employment & Reentry  

Answers to questions related to employment including legal rights of job-seekers with criminal records and brief advice for overcoming barriers to employment.

Housing and Reentry  

Answers to questions about the consequences of criminal charges on public and private housing, including on eviction proceedings and convictions that prevent access to NYCHA and Section 8 housing.

Parental Rights  

Answers to questions relating to the consequences of criminal charges on parental rights, visitation, adoption and foster care.

Public Benefits & Reentry  

Answers to questions on the effect of criminal convictions on public benefits and financial aid.

Education Loans & Criminal Records  

Information about the impact of arrests and convictions on federal financial aid for education.

Getting Property Back After an Arrest  

Information on how to get your stuff back after an arrest.

RAP Sheets  

Answers to questions relating to rap sheets, sealing records, and fingerprints.

Voting Rights and Civic Participation  

Answers to questions on the effect of criminal convictions on voting rights and running for elected office.

Police Encounters & Misconduct  

Answers on your legal rights during police stops and arrests, and information on filing a complaint/lawsuit for police misconduct.

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