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Serving People from Arrest to Reintegration

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  • Financial Consequences of Conviction (Feerick Center for Social Justice)

  • "Should We be "Sentencing for Dollars?": Rethinking the Proposed Drug Tax (Center for Community Alternatives)

  • ABA Criminal Justice Standards on Collateral Sanctions and Discretionary Disqualification of Convicted Persons

  • Child Support & Reentry (Overview Presentation, The Bronx Defenders)

  • Child Support: Questions and Answers (City Bar Justice Center Legal Hotline)

  • Conditional Licenses Memo (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Consequences of Criminal Proceedings in New York State, April 2015 (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Follow-Up Legal Action Plan - Child Support (Reentry Net)

  • Glossary of Child Support Terms (NYC Office of Child Support Enforcement)

  • Income History Tool To Invoke $500 Cap on Arrears (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Independent Student Status and Dependency Overrides (The Door Training Materials)

  • Letter in Response to Demand for Statutory Penalties for Shoplifting - Pro Se (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Letter to National Association of Professional Background Screeners Re: Illegal for Credit Reporting Agencies to Maintain and Report on Violations (Legal Action Center)

  • Modify Department of Social Services Order (Program Description from Office of Child Support Enforcement, Human Resources Administration)

  • New York's Newly Increased Mandatory Surcharges and Crime Victims Assistance Fees (Center for Community Alternatives)

  • NY Family Court Form 4-11: Petition for Modification of Child Support Order (NYS Office of Court Administration)

  • NY Family Court Form 4-21a: Order to Licensing Entity to Terminate Suspension (NYS Office of Court Administration)

  • NY Family Court Form 4-22: Objection to Support Collection Unit Denial of Challenge to Driver's License Suspension (NYS Office of Court Administration)

  • Open Letter from the NuLeadership Policy Group

  • Padilla Checklist for Judges: Proper Consideration of “Enmeshed Penalties” (or Collateral Consequences) in a Criminal Case (The Bronx Defenders - Updated December 2010)

  • Reply Memo in Support of Motion to Dismiss and In Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion to Amend Complaint in Vehicle Forfeiture Case (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Waiver Letter for Child Support Arrears (Reentry Net)

  • Waiver of Appearance/ Application to Appear in Family Court by Phone (OCA)

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