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When arrested, the police may take one's property for four reasons:

1. They can take property for safekeeping because it is valuable, like money, a car, cell phone, jewelry, or clothing.

2. They can take property for forfeiture because they believe that it was used or obtained in the course of criminal activity.

3. They can take it as evidence of a crime.

4. They can take what they believe is contraband.

This folder contains information on the financial consequences of criminal conviction, including seizure of property and the subsequent and often mandatory surcharges and fees.

Other Resources:

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  • Financial Consequences of Conviction (Feerick Center for Social Justice)

  • New York's Newly Increased Mandatory Surcharges and Crime Victims Assistance Fees (Center for Community Alternatives)

  • Request letter for DA's Release for seized property (The Bronx Defenders)

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