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DCJS - Personal Criminal History Record Review Program

  • Organization: DCJS
  • Date Created: Tuesday, April 11, 2006
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Pursuant to 9 New York Code of Rules and Regulations Part 6050.1, DCJS affirms the right of an individual, or an individual's attorney who has been authorized in writing, to obtain either a copy of all criminal history information maintained on file at DCJS pertaining to himself, or a response indicating that there is no criminal history information on file.

A criminal history record report, which will include any employment and licensing fingerprint events, or a "no record" response, may be used for any personal reason by the subject individual. However, a record review response cannot replace or supplant a fingerprint supported criminal history background check for employment or licensing where such a check is required by Federal, State or local law.

Note: a personal record review cannot be requested for another person in order to determine if that person has a criminal history.

A personal criminal history record review is initiated by requesting a Record Review Packet from DCJS, and following the directions for the completion and submission of a fingerprint card to DCJS along with a fee of $50. (There is no fee for the application packet itself, however a fee of $50 must be included when you complete the materials and return them to DCJS to obtain a copy of your records).

[Excerpt from the DCJS website.]

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