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  • 2nd Circuit Rules NY Felony Reckless Assault is a "Crime Involving Moral Turpitude" but Attempt is Not (NYSDA IDP)

  • [People v. Manauri R.] Supreme Court, Bronx County Holds that Drug Eviction Proceedings Not Sufficient Basis to Unseal Records (2004)

  • A Guide to the 2004 Rockefeller Drug Reform: Understanding the New Legislation (Center for Community Alternatives)

  • American Immigration Law Foundation Practice Advisory: Judicial Review Provisions of the REAL ID Act

  • Civil Alternatives for Disposing of Criminal Proceedings of Defendants with Mental Disabilities (New York State Defenders Association)

  • Colossal Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction: The DWI Reform Act of 2006 (Glenn E. Murray, Esq.)

  • Consequences of Criminal Proceedings in New York State, April 2015 (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Cost Savings That Would Accrue to New York Under the Assembly's Drug Law Reform Bill (A-7078 of 2003)

  • Defender Toolkit & Padilla Compliance Guide: Using Knowledge of “Enmeshed Penalties” (or Collateral Consequences) to Get Better Results in the Criminal Case (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Dept of Health - Guidelines for NYS DOH Criminal History Record Checks (CHRC) Program

  • Discharge Planning Services For Inmates Who are Receiving Mental Health Treatment in a New York City Jail (Urban Justice Center, Brad H)

  • Flyer: contact Urban Justice Center with case examples

  • Free Legal Help with Sealing Criminal Records/CPL § 160.59

  • Garnes v. Barnhart, C-02-4428 (ND Cal. Nov. 5, 2004)

  • Housing, Benefits and Certificates of Relief from Disabilities/Good Conduct (Legal Action Center & Legal Aid Society)

  • How Can Criminal Convictions Affect My Immigration Status?

  • How To File a Petition for Review (AILF’s Legal Action Center)

  • How to Keep Sealed Criminal Records Out of Court (The Bronx Defenders)

  • Legislative History of Article 23A and Certificates of Good Conduct of NYS Corrections Law

  • Letter to Robert T. Johnson regarding unfair evictions in Bronx Housing Court (The Bronx Defenders)

  • NYC Civil Court Name Change Order Form (Urban Justice Center, 2005)

  • OTDA 97 ADM-23 - State "Fleeing Felon/ Probation/Parole Violation" Policies

  • Padilla Checklist for Judges: Proper Consideration of “Enmeshed Penalties” (or Collateral Consequences) in a Criminal Case (The Bronx Defenders - Updated December 2010)

  • Powerpoint Presentation on Employment Law & Criminal Records in New York 2010

  • Practice Tip: US Supreme Court Grants Cert on Whether a State Drug Possession Offense Constitutes a "Drug Trafficking" "Aggravated Felony” (NYSDA Immigrant Defense Project )

  • Pro Se Advisory for Immigrants with Multiple Drug Possession Convictions: Instructions for Challenging Whether You Have Been Convicted of an Aggravated Felony (Immigrant Defense Project)

  • Sample brief in support of finding that respondent’s alleged subsequent drug possession offense is not an aggravated felony (Immigrant Defense Project, New York State Defenders Association)

  • Sentencing for Dollars - Pamphlet for Defense Attorneys Calculating Fees, Fines and Surcharges (Center for Community Alternatives)

  • The Voting Rights of People with Criminal Convictions in New York (The Brennan Center for Justice)

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