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Certificates of Relief from Disability (CRD's) may be issued to anyone convicted of one felony or fewer. They can be issued by the sentencing court or the Board of Parole, and can be issued at sentencing or anytime after. Applicants must apply for Certificates for each conviction.

Certificates of Good Conduct (CGC's) may be issued to applicants who have been convicted of more than one felony, after a minimum period of time has passed since their unrevoked release from supervision, or from the end date of a sentence. Certificates of Good Conduct may also be issued to people who were sentenced outside of New York State.

Applications for CRD's and CGC's can be found in the "Applications and Forms" subfolder. The first two items on this page offer overviews of CRD's and CGC's, including information about how to obtain them.

Other Resources

» Click here for state-by-state resource guides on rehabilitation and expungement tools in other states.

» Criminal Record Errors & Restoration of Rights - NY Email Group for advocates in New York State helping individuals obtain copies of their rap sheets, review and correct errors, and obtain Certificates of Relief from Disabilities and Certificates of Good Conduct. Click here for more information.


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  • Certificates of Relief, Good Conduct, and Disposition (Community Service Society)

  • Certificates of Relief from Disability & Certificates of Good Conduct (Reentry Net Powerpoint Presentation)

  • New York Correction Law Article 23 -- Discretionary Relief From Forfeitures and Disabilities Automatically Imposed By Law

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