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December 2010 Resource Updates and Highlights

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*Resource Highlights*

The Use of Criminal History Records in College Admissions Reconsidered: This report reviews findings from a survey conducted by the Center for Community Alternatives in collaboration with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) that explores the use of criminal history screening in college admissions procedures. The survey found that a broad array of convictions, including convictions for relatively minor offenses, are viewed as negative factors in the context of admissions decision-making. The report also offers a series of recommendations designed to make admissions processes fairer and more evidence-based.

Appellate Division Reverses NYCHA's Permanent Exclusion Decision Citing Lack of Evidence: Decision by the First Department reversing NYCHA's decision to permanently exclude a tenant's son for larceny and gun possession convictions. In this Article 78 appeal, the panel held that exclusion was so disproportionate to the offense as to shock the judicial conscience. Key to the decision was that the NYCHA hearing officer made no finding that the son posed any threat to NYCHA's residents or employees, and specified that he would continue to be permitted to visit the apartment.

Defender Toolkit: Using Knowledge of Collateral Consequences to Get Better Results in the Criminal Case: This updated guide by The Bronx Defenders provides defense counsel with tips for using  knowledge of collateral consequences as a direct advocacy tool to win better dispositions in criminal cases and improved life outcomes for clients.

The Price of Freedom - Bail and Pretrial Detention of Low Income Nonfelony Defendants in New York City: This report by the Human Rights Watch addresses the impact of bail during pretrial detention of people accused of nonfelony crimes in New York City. The report found that a large majority of individuals required to post bail set at $1,000 or less were jailed because they were unable to do so, and describes the life and family impact for those who are jailed because they are too poor to pay. The report also address the role of pre-trial detention in pressuring people to take pleas. Click here to read the author's Op-Ed(NY Daily News) on the issue.

New York City Enforcement of Immigration Detainers - Preliminary Findings: Preliminary report by Justice Strategies looks into the impact of immigration enforcement in New York City jail facilities. The report uses data from the NYC Department of Corrections(DOC) for incarcerated noncitizens whose top charge is a drug-related offense. The preliminary report is part of Justice Strategies' research for a forthcoming report on the combined impact of drug laws and immigration enforcement on jailers, people in prison, and taxpayers. This report follows a hearing on DOC’s cooperation with Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement held by the City Council, where The Bronx Defenders and immigration advocates testified on its impact.

The Task Force to Expand Access to Civil Legal Services in New York - Report to The Chief Judge of the State of New York: This report presents the Task Force's findings and recommendations to Chief Judge Lippman as part of the effort to establish a comprehensive approach to providing counsel to low-income New Yorkers in civil cases. Along with highlighting the need for civil legal assistance, the report finds that New York State does not have the funding to meet the full need for legal assistance.   

Fact Sheet on 2010 Changes to New York's Adoption & Safe Families Act: In June 2010, Governor Paterson signed a new law, Chapter 113, which amended New York's Social Service Law, sections 384-b and 409-e. These sections are part of what is commonly known as the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA). This fact sheet prepared by the Women in Prison Project outlines the major changes to the law and what they mean for parents who are incarcerated or in residential drug treatment and have at least one child in foster care.

What Are My Rights as a Parent in Prison or Residential Drug Treatment with a Child in Foster Care? Short outline by the Women in Prison Project on the rights and responsibilities of parents who want to maintain custody of their children while they are incarcerated or in residential drug treatment.

Ex-Offenders and the Labor Market: This report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research looks into the impact of incarceration and criminal records on employment. It found that due to substantial barriers to employment faced by individual with conviction histories, total employment was lowered by an estimated 1.5 million to 1.7 million workers. In GDP terms, these reductions in employment cost the U.S. economy between $57 and $65 billion in lost output.

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*Upcoming Events*

New York Reentry Roundtable Five-Year Anniversary: Join advocates at the monthly New York Reentry Roundtable to celebrate its five-year anniversary working on issues affecting the formerly incarcerated as they reenter the community. The roundtable will look back at the challenges and accomplishments over the years and discuss the goals for the future. The event will be held on December 15th at 1 PM. For more information, contact Gabriel Torres-Rivera at

Effective Communication between Law Enforcement Agencies and Community Based Providers: This event is presented by the New York State Division of Parole and Reaching Across The World Ministries; the event is free but you must RSVP. CASAC Hours Will Be Given. The event will be held on December 15, from 9AM-4PM at the James L. Varick Center, 151 W 136th St. For more information, contact or V. Seward at 518.486.5478.

Webinar: Introduction to Cost-Benefit Analysis and Justice Policy for State Legislators: By putting a dollar value on a proposal's costs and benefits, cost-benefit analysis (CBA) can measure its fiscal impact to taxpayers, victims, and society. Used carefully, CBA can help state legislators save taxpayer dollars while maintaining public safety. This webinar will help new and current legislators, legislative staff, and other policymakers learn about using CBA in criminal and juvenile justice. The webinar will be held on December 15 at 2 PM.

CWP Holiday Radio Speak Out & Fundraiser: Do you have an incarcerated loved one? Do you care about reforming the criminal justice system? Come and speak out about it at the CWP Holiday Radio Speak Out/Fundraiser. At this event you can send a shout out to someone you know on the inside. You can hear how the Coalition's committees are working on issues that impact our lives and communities. You can also engage in some holiday networking, make connections, share ideas and be festive. It will be held on December 18, 2010 from 11 AM to 4 pm at the Correctional Association. For more information, contact Stacey Thompson at or 212-254-5700 x333.

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