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Serving People from Arrest to Reintegration

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  • 35 P.S. §§ 10225.501 – 508 (Older Adults Protective Services Act)

  • A Practical Legal Services Approach to Addressing Racial Discrimination in Employment

  • ABA Commission on Effective Criminal Sanctions: October 13 Hearing Notes

  • ABA Criminal Justice Standards on Collateral Sanctions and Discretionary Disqualification of Convicted Persons

  • Accuracy, Disposition, and Dissemination of Public Criminal Records

  • Alameda County Dismissal Expungements - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Amicus Brief in El vs. SEPTA (Community Legal Services)

  • An Advocacy Organization's View of Issues Surrounding Reentry: Setting An Agenda for Research and Policy

  • An Evolving Field: Findings from the 2008 Parole Practices Survey (The Urban Institute)

  • Attorney Training Manual: Dealing with Criminal Records in Alameda County

  • Bland v. Flynn Complaint RE: Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board Wrongfully Disseminated Inaccurate Criminal Records of Identity Theft Victims

  • Bland v. Flynn Draft Motion for Summary Judgment

  • Boston Globe Column: It's Time to Rethink CORI

  • Boston Globe Editorial: The Truth About CORI

  • Brief arguing that the employment-prohibiting provisions of the Older Adults Protective Services Act violate the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • Brief in Support of Restraining Order for Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary Injunction

  • Broadening the Holistic Mindset: Incorporating Collateral Consequences and Reentry into Criminal Defense Lawyering

  • CEO's Rapid Rewards Program: Using Incentives to Promote Employment Retention for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

  • Complaint Against State of Michigan, Michigan State Police, and Michigan Department of Education for Making Employment Decisions Based on Innacurate Criminal History Information

  • Complaint on Behalf of SEIU Canvassers Against Restrictions on Door-to-Door Canvassing

  • Correctional Industries Preparing Inmates for Reentry: Recidivism and Post-Release Employment

  • Criminal Background Checks A Best Practices Guide For Employers (National Employment Law Project)

  • Criminal Records, Expungement, & Employment in Ohio

  • Declaratory Ruling on the interpretation of the Public Health Code's prohibition on a health facility's employment of individuals with certain criminal convictions

  • Demand Letter to Michigan State Police RE: Attribution of Convictions of Identity Theft Perpetrations to Identity Theft Victims

  • Discrimination in Low Wage Labor Markets: Evidence from an Experimental Audit Study in New York City

  • District Court Opinion in El v. SEPTA (7/12/05)

  • Ex-Offenders Need Not Apply: The Criminal Background Check in Hiring Decisions

  • Expanding the Vote: State Felony Disenfranchisement Reform, 1997-2008 (The Sentencing Project)

  • Hazmat Driver TSA Background Check Regulations

  • Housing, Health Care and Other Forms of Discrimination Against People with Alcohol and Drug Histories (LAC)

  • Labor Force Participation, Labor Markets & Crime

  • Laws Governing Public Criminal Records (Community Legal Services Power Point Presentation)

  • Leaving the Street: Young Fathers Move from Hustling to Legitimate Work

  • Legal Outline of Authorites and Decisions Related to Criminal Records and Employment

  • Legal Rights of People with Criminal Conviction Histories (LAC)

  • Letter Confirming Settlement with Pennsylvania State Police RE: Criminal Identity Theft

  • Letter Describing Settlement with Michigan State Police RE: Mistaken Identity Convictions

  • Letter to Michigan State Police RE: Applicability of FCRA to MSP

  • Letter to Michigan State Police RE: DOB Match

  • Letter to National Association of Professional Background Screeners Re: Illegal for Credit Reporting Agencies to Maintain and Report on Violations

  • Life After Lockup: Improving Reentry from Jail to the Community (Urban Institute)

  • Major U.S. Cities and Counties Adopt Hiring Policies to Remove Unfair Barriers to Employment of People with Criminal Records (NELP)

  • Making Pennsylvania Criminal Court Dockets Available on the Internet Will Have Unintended Consequences

  • National HIRE Network: Certificates of Rehabilitation Briefing Paper

  • Navigating the Child Support System: Lessons from the Fathers at Work Initiative (Public/Private Ventures)

  • New Compendium of Recidivism Studies Unveiled (The Sentencing Project)

  • New York State Court of Appeals Ruling in Walton v. DOCS Finding Plaintiff's Claims to be Timely and Remanding to Supreme Court

  • NY Times Editorial: Cities That Lead the Way

  • Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

  • Order Making the Temporary Restraining Order Permanent

  • Pennsylvania State Police Presentation About Proposed Technical Solution for Fraudulent Identification Processing

  • Public Health Code of Michigan Legislature, Act 368 of 1978

  • Public Housing Authorities and Prisoner Reentry

  • Recommended Key Provisions for Certificate of Rehabilitation Legislation

  • Repaying Debts (Council on State Governments)

  • Report and Recommendations to New York State on Enhancing Employment Opportunities for Formerly Incarcerated People

  • Request for Declaratory Ruling Regarding Employment Rights of People with Criminal Records in the Nursing Care Industry

  • Sample EEOC Complaint with Cover Letter and Memo of Law

  • Sample Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Flood v. Pennsylvania State Police

  • Section 20173a. of Michigan Consolidated Laws

  • Selected Bibliography on Statutory Employment Barriers

  • State-by-State Survey - Employer Legal Liability for Hiring Individuals with Criminal Records (Commissioned by Goodwill Industries, 2007)

  • States that Offer Certificates of Rehabilitation or Other Means of Removing Occupational Bars

  • Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems 2003

  • Third Circuit Decision in El v. SEPTA (3/19/2007)

  • Union of Minority Neighborhoods Fall 2006 Newsletter

  • Venturing Beyond the Gates: Facilitating Successful Reentry With Entrepeneurship

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