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Serving People from Arrest to Reintegration

Model State Legislation to Reduce Employment Barriers for People with Criminal Records

  • Organization: National Employment Law Project
  • Document Type: Training materials
  • Date Created: Monday, December 05, 2011
  • Submitted: Monday, December 05, 2011
  • Attachment(s): PDF

A collection of presentations from webinar organized by NELP, Sentencing Project, National H.I.R.E. Network that provide an overview of legislation related to reducing employment barriers for people with criminal records.


1. Inventories of Collateral Consequences
2. Fairer Hiring and Occupational Licensing Standards
3. Restoration of Eligibility for Employment and Occupational Licensing
4. Expungement and Sealing of Records
5. Anti?discrimination Laws
6. Securing Identification Documents
7. Reducing Child Support Arrearages
8. Training and Job Placement for The Affected Populations
9. Employer Negligent Hiring Protections

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